Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's for Students

My roommate and I are on the same lease. If they leave, do I have to cover his/her rent?

When you are on the same lease with your roommate, you are liable for his/her debts to the landlord. Your options are to seek restitution either through mediation or legal options from the collective lease.

My roommate has visitors over all the time and I can't get any studying done, what should I do?

Since your roommate is entitled to have visitors, as long as they are not causing a major disturbance, your only option is to negotiate an agreement over when visitors can be on the premises.

Something is broken in the home, how can I get it fixed?

If it is not urgent you can call our office at 519-433-0999, or email us at If it is urgent please call 519-433-0999. if there is an emergency please call 911 See our Maintenance Info Sheet on our resource page for more detailed info:

My landlord enters my house without notice.

It is a violation of the Residential Tenancies Act for the landlord to enter without notice except for some circumstances especially an emergency issue. It is advised that you ask the landlord for notice and if the problem continues to inform the landlord of the Act.

My landlord says that I did not give written notice and that I now owe two months rent even though my lease is over.

This is quite possible for the landlord to do as the same law that allows a tenant to go month-to-month when the lease is over also requires the tenant to give 60 days WRITTEN notice to vacate ... even if the tenant is vacating at the end of their lease. If the tenant has failed to do so, the only option they can try is to negotiate with the landlord.

I changed the locks and now the landlord says I must give them a key, is this true?

The Residential Tenancies Act says that you can not change the lock without the landlord's permission ... and thus they would be entitled to a key.

My landlord called me and was very upset because he had a letter from the City regarding how our garbage was put out at night. Can the landlord take action against us about this?

Yes ... the City has an 8 day schedule so your collection day changes every week. There are also some strict guidelines about what can and cannot be put out and what type and number of bags/containers must be used. If the landlord faces an action being taken by the City, he can pass along that action to the tenants. For more info on garbage collection please visit:

The Bylaw Enforcement officer came by and told us that we had to remove our car from our front yard. Can they do this?

In London, it is illegal to park a car on the grassy portion of your front yard and driveways can only be made of a certain substance and size. If there is a ticket issued, it is your responsibility to pay the fine. For more parking info please see:

When is rent due?

The rent is due the 1st of each month. the options to pay your rent are: - post dated cheques - come into the office and pay with cash or debit - pre-authorized payments, see the form on our resource page. - complete the credit card authorization form found on our resources page, or - send us an e-transfer. Instructions are found on our resource page - add us as a payee with your bank, please email us for further directions.

What happens if I do not pay my rent?

If a tenant does not pay their rent: • The landlord can give the tenant a notice to pay the rent they owe or move. If the tenant does not pay or move in response to the notice, the landlord can apply to the Board for an order to evict the tenant and to collect the rent that the tenant owes. OR • The landlord can apply to the Board only for an order to collect the rent that the tenant owes, and not ask the Board to evict the tenant. For more information go to our resource page

I haven't been recieving my mail, what should I do?

Contact Canada post. If you are unsure if you have a community box they will be able to assist you with the location and provide you with a key. For more information please visit Canada Post's website:

My Cable and/or Internet is not working, what should I do?

Call your provider and they will be able to answer your questions. Rogers - Bell -

I need my rent recipets from last year for tax purposes, how do I aquire those?

If you are need of your rent receipts from a previous year please email us at In the email please include your name, the address you were living at, and when you were living there.

FAQ's For Homeowners

What does Property Management Cost?

The fee is $120.00 per rental unit (i.e. a duplex containing 2 separate units would be $240.00 per month).

What does the property management fee include?

  • 24/7 emergency response
  • Monthly accounting reports and receipts
  • Legal counselling
  • Day to day management of the property and tenants
  • Organization of all trades and renovations (ie: lawn maintenance, snow removal, appliance repair and routine maintenance)
  • 6 full time staff that cover administration accounting, marketing, leasing, city license and bylaw enforcement adn maintenance
  • Monthly deposit of your tenants rent into your bank account through direct deposit
  • 20 years of experience renting and managing properties in London

What about renting the property out for next year?

We market your property full time, all year round. We have a bus that runs from the school residences to show our properties to 24 students at a time. We have a team of student rental agents renting out properties during the peak rental seasons. We market and advertise at Western University as well as using Google Adwords, and off campus housing sites. We also advertise at many sporting events and functions at both Western University and Fanshawe College

How do I pay for the property management service?

Billing is done at the end of each month and due on receipt. Invoices can be paid by VISA, Mastercard, Diners Club, Interac, Email Transfer or Cheques to cover basic costs such as the monthly management fee, furnace filters, small repairs, making keys, appliance repair and small day to day maintenance items. Any repair or item that needs to be replaced that is greather than $150.00 will need landlords approval. All costs associated with the property will be known by the landlord through our accouting reports and online maintenance inspections. We also arrange and apply for city rental licenses, mandatory 2 year fire inspections, applications and inspection reports. The costs of the rental license is set by London City Hall. The current fee is $55.00 plus administration.

How does it work if a repair is greater than $150.00?

Any repair over $150.00 will require your approval. Once approved, quotes will be arranged through us and then discussed with you. A decision will be made by you with regards to cost and quality. Then we arrange the service and organize the job with the tentants. Once complete, an invoice will be sent to you for the job.

How long is the contract?

All contracts are 1 year long from the date of when services begin. After 1 year, the contract continues on a month to month basis.

Can I cancel my contract?

Yes, 60 days written notice must be made by either party to cancel the agreement.